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Youth Leadership Academy's Resume Workshop

Middletown Police Officer helps scholars workshop a resume

The Middletown school district continued its relationship with the City of Middletown as it partnered in Tuesday’s Middletown Police Department Youth Leadership Academy program. The session provided opportunities for the participants to learn about creating a job resume, and going through the step-by-step process. Mrs. Saunders, an MHS Guidance Counselor, worked with Sgt. Jacqueline Welch at Twin Towers Middle School.

The program members, who are middle school and high school scholars, were divided into groups. They were then tasked with brainstorming four career choices - police, teachers, medical assistant and automotive technician - and coming up with what would be needed for a resume to apply for jobs in those fields.

They then had a resume writing session, where they created their own resume - which can be used for future employment opportunities. They also learned how to update it as they gain more experiences. Next week they are going to practice interview skills for those careers.