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Personalized Learning Fellowship Capstone Celebration

Teachers at the Capstone Celebration gathering together behind a frame for a photo

We are excited to highlight the incredible success of our Personalized Learning Fellowship in Middletown City Schools, celebrating the dedication and achievements of our educators who completed the fellowship.

The Personalized Learning Fellowship is a transformative program that empowers educators to implement innovative teaching practices tailored to meet the unique needs of every student. Throughout this fellowship, our educators have elevated their skills in goal-setting, scholar ownership, flexible path and pace, targeted instruction, collaboration, and creativity.

Our educators have demonstrated exceptional dedication and creativity in enriching the learning experiences of our scholars. By embracing personalized learning strategies, they have made a lasting impact on scholar engagement, achievement, and overall classroom success.

The Capstone Celebration showcased and celebrated the fellows' journey in the Personalized Learning Fellowship. They were able to share their experiences, growth, and success with administrators, board members, and fellow educators.

Congratulations to all our teachers who participated in this fellowship! Your commitment to meeting your scholars' individual needs and ensuring their success is truly inspiring.

Four teachers at the Capstone Celebration