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Kindness Snippets at Carter

Snippets of paper with descriptions of good deeds on the wall

Carter families might have seen the Wall of Kindness Snippets in the school. Throughout the school year, scholars are recognized for their good deeds by their teachers and classmates. By the end of the school year, this wall is covered in colorful snippets! Here are just a few of the good deeds performed this year.

Caylee helped her classmates make flashcards.

Todd cheered on his friend when he was reading trick words.

Carter helped a kindergartener to the nurse after she fell and scraped her knee.

Tony, Jacob, Adama, and Maddy all comforted a friend who was upset.

Eden thanked Mr. Miguel for keeping the school clean.

Shiloh helped Ms. Antturi carry her instruments to back to class.

Jude gave his classmates compliments on their work.

There were so many kindness snippets this year, we can't wait to see what next school year brings!

The kindness snippet wall at Carter