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District celebrates Earth Day

District celebrates Earth Day
Class photo after Earth Day project

Middletown's elementary schools recognized Earth Day with classroom projects. Here are some of the ideas that came from our buildings:

Classes drew the Earth on plates that can double as fans, made flower planters by painting milk cartons, another brought things from their own homes that were going to be thrown away, but instead they used them to create art projects they thought of themselves. Another class made mosaics of the Earth. One class made handprint art using ripped up pieces of newspaper.

Classes created "Earth Day Seed Bombs," where students cut up construction paper, placed it in a blender with water, then drained the water, added wildflower seeds and rolled the mix into balls - which is how they can be planted. Classes planted flowers and decorated the pots, they did technology based activities, created Earth-based designs with blocks - and even did exercises with an outdoors theme.