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Autism Acceptance Spirit Week

Middie M in blue light with a puzzle piece boarder

April is Autism Awareness Month, and here is a reminder that next week - April 8-12 - is our district-wide Autism Acceptance Spirit Week! The Middletown school district is lighting the district up in blue to celebrate autism awareness, advocacy and inclusion throughout the month.

We are asking all of the ECSDM community to join us in taking the pledge to help create a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential. By taking the pledge, you will be given the information, resources, and tools to engage and advocate in your community as well as learn about the mission delivery progress at Autism Speaks.

Here are the Spirit Week activity days for the week, which we are excited to embrace with our community:

April 8: Magnificent Mind Monday - Wear a fun hat!

April 9: Neurodiversity Tuesday - Wear rainbow or tye-dye colors

April 10: Minds Of All Kind ROCK Wednesday - Dress like a rockstar

April 11: Sensory Friendly Thursday - Dress in your most comfortable clothes

April 12: Middie Pride Friday - Wear blue

The Faller Field stadium lit up in blue
The front of Middletown High School lit up in blue