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A Guide for DASA

The Dignity Act also known as Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) was passed on September 13, 2010, and took effect on July 1, 2012. Its purpose is to promote a safe and supportive environment for students to learn, develop, and enjoy themselves free from harassment, bullying, and discrimination. To learn more about DASA go to the NYSED DASA website. 

The District encourages and expects students who have been subjected to harassment, bullying or discrimination; parents or persons in parental relations whose children have been subjected to this behavior; other students who observe or are told of this behavior: and all District staff who become aware of this behavior to timely report it to the Principal, Superintendent, building Dignity Act Coordinator (DAC) or designees.

The Principal, Superintendent, DAC, or designee will lead or supervise a timely and thorough investigation of all reports of harassment, bullying, and discrimination. The DAC, or other individual conducting the investigation, may seek the assistance of the District's Civic Rights Compliance Officer in investigating, responding to, and remedying complaints.

If you or someone you know is experiencing bullying, discrimination, or harassment, you may complete this DASA Incident Report and submit to any D.A.S.A. Coordinator. 

Go to the Frequently Asked Questions About the Dignity For All Students Act.

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