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Safety & Security

The safety and well-being of our scholars, staff, and families stand at the forefront of our mission at Middletown Schools. Our dedicated Security Department is unwavering in its commitment to fostering a secure and nurturing environment across the entire district. By staffing each of our academic buildings with trained security professionals and integrating advanced technology, we ensure a protective atmosphere that supports our educational philosophy.

Our team works diligently to maintain a safe learning environment, implementing comprehensive security measures and protocols designed to address both everyday safety concerns and emergency situations. The collaboration between our security staff, educational team, and community partners underscores our holistic approach to safety, emphasizing prevention, preparedness, and response.

SROs laughing in a gymnasium with a teacher

223 Wisner Ave
Middletown, NY 10940  
(845) 326-1256 

Lenny Zapka
Director of Safety & Security

Byron Cobo
Assistant Director of Safety & Security