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Health Services

Welcome to Middletown Schools Health Services, where we prioritize scholars' health for their overall growth and success. Our team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive care approach, covering physical, mental, and emotional health, ensuring a supportive environment for every scholar to excel.

We collaborate extensively with school staff, community agencies, and healthcare providers to offer a holistic support system for scholars, their families, and the broader school community. Our services include first aid, chronic disease management, mental health support, emergency response, and health screenings for new entrants and specific grades. The District Nurse Practitioner also conducts health appraisals and physicals for sports and work permits. While we facilitate school health screenings, annual physical exams by a primary healthcare provider are highly recommended.

Immunization compliance with New York State requirements is mandatory for school attendance, as is a physical examination for new entrants and students in selected grades. Our Health Services newsletter provides resources on nutrition, activity, and mental health, supporting wellness at home.

Medication administration at school requires both a healthcare provider’s order and parental consent. Health education, delivered by our nurses, focuses on developing healthy habits early, including hand washing and dental care. We ensure confidentiality in line with HIPPA and FERPA regulations.

Our community partnerships, including vision screenings and asthma education, enhance our support services. For any health-related inquiries or concerns, your child’s school nurse is readily available to assist.

A school nurse check scholars hands for germs.
Three school nurses with a dog

223 Wisner Ave
Middletown, NY 10940
(845) 326-1259

Barbara Kura
Director of School Health Services Family Nurse Practitioner

Middletown HS:845-326-1259
Fax: 845-326-1606

Monhagen: 845-326-1677
Fax: 845-326-1675

Twin Towers: 845-326-1638
Fax: 845-326-1636

Maple Hill: 845-326-1735
Fax: 845-326-1796

Maple Hill Annex: 845-326-1775
Fax: 845-326-1789

Presidential Park K-2:
Fax: 845-326-1862

Presidential Park 3-5:
Fax: 845-326-1902

William A Carter: 845-326-1714
Fax: 845-326-1724

Central Registration Nurse/UPK Nurse:
Fax: 845-326-1789