Lead Screening Letter

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    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    School health services would like to inform you of a public health regulation regarding screening children for lead poisoning. According to the Lead Poisoning Prevention Act of 1992, the New York state law, states that all children, regardless of exposure risk, must be screened for a blood lead level at approximately one year and then again at two years of age. This lead blood test is performed by your child’s primary health care provider as part of your child’s routine care. This law also requires all pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs in the state to obtain a copy of this lead test result within three months of enrollment.

    The primary reason for these regulations it to keep children healthy and ready to learn. Lead poisoning is caused by ingesting or inhaling paint chips, soil, water or dust contaminated with lead. Lead poisoning causes behavioral problems, slowed growth, lower intelligence and impaired hearing. Lead poisoning can be prevented by reducing potential exposure and by screening to find out if there is too much of it in your child’s blood. There are treatment methods available to remove excess lead from blood.

    As of this date, we have not received any documentation that your child has ever been tested for lead. Please consult with your child's health care provider, the Cornerstone Family Healthcare at 344-2273 or Newburgh Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at 568-5237 to obtain a blood lead test.

    Please give the written certificate of your child’s lead test to the school nurse. This will verify that you have abided by the New York State regulation.

    If you have any questions, please call your school nurse or myself at (845) 326-1259.


    Barbara Kura, FNP

    Health Services Director