Middletown Lions Club and Lions S.E.E. sponsor free vision screening

  • The Middletown Lions Club, in conjunction with Lions S.E.E., Inc., a partner with Lions KidSight USA Program of Lions Clubs International, is offering FREE vision screening for children ages 6 months and up.

    The mission of Lions SEE, Inc. is to decrease childhood blindness through early detection and treatment of the most common vision disorders that cause Amblyopia insuring that all children of New York State and Bermuda will be able to SEE their future. Using the PlusOptix Vision Screener, Lions Club members will come to your school or day care location. This will be in addition to any screening that your school already does, not in place of. Screening takes approximately ten (10) seconds per child. 

    Lions KidSight USA wants to reach kids early because some vision problems may become permanent by age seven. But some vision issues can be easily detected with hand-held screening devices that generate the results on-site. 

    In the past the Lions SEE program would not screen a child that was already seeing an eye care professional. Normal referral rate was still over 10% of the children screened.

    With the assistance of each school’s nurse, the Middletown Lions Club has been providing eye exams and glasses for children in need at the Enlarged City School District of Middletown for many years.

    Please fill out the attached consent form in full and return it to your school or day care location.

    If you have other children between the ages of 6 months and up and have not received a consent form, please contact their school and ask them when they will be completing their Lions S.E.E. screening.

    Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to keep childhood blindness or serious eye defects to a minimum through early detection.

    Informative links below:

    Click here for Lions, SEE forms and downloads