Infinite Campus Parent Portal

  • Printable version of Infinite Campus Parent Portal letter available here.

    The Infinite Campus Parent Portal provides parent access to information for all enrolled students in their household. Information may include grades, attendance, assignments, lunch account balances, and school announcements. If you have any questions about the Parent Portal or need support, please email or call (845) 326-1190.

    To sign-up go to any one of the schools or the registration office and provide an email address along with photo identification. An email with the IC parent portal username and log-in instructions will be sent to the email address provided within one week or 5 business days of signing-up. 

    After your account is set, you may also want to download the mobile app. You can find the app at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After the app is installed and opened, search for "middletown" and choose New York on state drop down and then log-in as usual.

    Below are the guidelines established for the Middletown School District Parent Portal:

    • Parents must comply with the District’s end user agreement as well as security requirements to assure the confidentiality and accuracy of the information provided in the portal
    • Qualifications must be met by usernames and passwords, such as character length and password strength
    • Each parent and/or guardian of each household should have their own individual account rather than one household account
    • The accuracy of the information  in the portal is a shared responsibility of the district, parent/guardians and students
    • Time frames with regard to attendance and grade information will be made available
    • The district agrees to provide free and the most accurate student information
    • The district maintains the right to add, modify and delete information and portal functions
    • The portal is subject to electronic monitoring by the district, as well as other specific rights the district
    • The district can deny or cancel parents’ access with suitable cause
    • The portal remains the property of the District