2018-2019 Admin Salary Disclosure


    School District Profile

    The Superintendent of Schools is the Chief Executive Officer of the Enlarged City School District of Middletown. He is the CES of a business that can best be described as follows:

    • $189,966,196 – Proposed 2018-2019 budget
    • 1,100 total number of employees
    • 7,850 total number of enrolled students
    • 8 buildings/facilities

    Superintendent’s Qualifications

    Richard DelMoro was selected to be the interim Superintendent of Schools for the Enlarged City School District of Middletown effective February 1, 2018. On April 5, 2018, the Middletown Board of Education voted to appoint him as Superintendent of Schools effective July 1, 2018.

    In his forty plus years in education, Mr. DelMoro has been a teacher, a building level administrator and district level administrator. He holds a MS ED in Educational Administration from the University of Texas – El Paso. While living in El Paso, Texas he was teacher, an assistant principal and principal. In his thirty-one years of service to students, parents and teachers for the Enlarged City School District of Middletown, he has held principal positions at the elementary and secondary levels, Director of Secondary Education and most recently, before his appointment as Interim Superintendent, Mr. DelMoro was the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. In addition, Mr. DelMoro has been asked to be a presenter at Global, National and NYS educational conferences.

    Superintendent’s Responsibilities

    Statutory Responsibilities

    The Superintendent of Schools bears ultimate responsibility for the entire operation of the school district. Some of the areas of responsibility include curriculum and instruction, business and finance, legal and governmental, personnel and human relations, community relations.

    A Superintendent of Schools is charged by Education Law:

    • To be the Chief Executive Officer of the School District;
    • To enforce all provisions of law and all rules and regulations relating to the management of the school, including employee and student conduct;
    • To prepare and have supervision over all courses of study;
    • To have supervision over all instructional and non-instructional employees of the school district, including supervisors, teachers, aides, nurse, custodians, clerks, etc.
    • To act as a liaison to various other governmental entities and local agencies and organizations.

    The Superintendent’s responsibilities do not fit the traditional workweek. In addition to office responsibilities, the Superintendent is expected to attend every Board meeting and work session, parent and teacher meetings, and various committee meetings, which are often held in the evenings. The Superintendent also attends various community and school events. A 60 to 70 hour workweek should not be considered unusual.

    Compensation and Benefits

    All district employees receive benefits required by law for social security, Medicare and retirement. Other benefits for eligible employees include, among others, fife and disability insurance and health/dental insurance. The Superintendent’s compensation is broken into three parts: salary, benefits and other remuneration.

    Salary:   $299,000                     Annual salary 2018-19

    Benefits: $71,264                     Mandatory retirement contribution, social security, Medicare, Health, dental, life, disability, worker’s compensation insurance

    Other Remuneration: $7,200 - Automobile allowance

    New York State School Administrator Salary Disclosure

    Chapter 474 of the Laws of 1996 and Education Law section 1608 required that the State Education Department prepare a statewide compilation of the salaries and other personnel costs of certain school administrators and make it available to all interested parties. Listed here are data, provided by school districts, of the salaries, employee benefits and other forms of remuneration for superintendents of schools (Type 1), deputy, assistant or associate superintendents (Type 2) and the salaries of any other certified school administrators or supervisors (Type 3) who are budgeted to be paid at or above a certain level ($135,000 for 2018-19). This listing refers to information budgeted in May 2018 and expected to be paid in 2018-19 and applies to a particular position in a school district, not necessarily a particular individual. In order to fully understand the meaning of the data, clarification from individual districts may be necessary.

    A listing provided by title and salary for administrators with a 2018-2019 annual salary of $135,000 or more:



    Employee Benefits

    Other Remuneration

    Assistant Supt for Instruction




    Assistant Supt for Admin




    Principal High School



    Principal Middle School


    Principal Middle School


    Director PE, Health, Athletics


    Supt of Buildings & Grounds


    Principal Elementary School


    Director of Literacy


    Director of ESL/Bilingual


    Principal Elementary School


    Assistant Principal


    Director of Special Education


    Instructional Leader


    Dean of Students


    Principal Elementary School


    Assistant Principal


    Instructional Leader


    Dean of Students


    Assistant Principal


    Instructional Leader