Budget vote/School board election information

  • When: May 15, 2018, 7 a.m.-9 p.m.
    Where: Voting sites include Middletown High School, Twin Towers Middle School, Presidential Park Elementary School and Truman Moon. If you are unsure where you vote, please contact the district clerk at (845) 326-1196. Click here to see where you vote.
    Eligibility: You must be a U.S. citizen who is at least 18 years old, be a resident of the Middletown school district – and have been one for at least 30 days prior to the vote.
    Absentee ballots: Available by calling (845) 326-1196. Download an application.
    The voting process: Voting only takes about five minutes. You will vote yes or no for the proposed budget. You also will elect three candidates to the nine-member Board of Education. Each seat carries a three-year term, which begins in July.
    Questions: For budget-related questions, please call the business office at (845) 326-1195. Voting questions should be directed to (845) 326-1196.

    Key school board meeting dates
    February 1: Superintendent's presentation of the Administration component
    February 14: Superintendent's presenation of the Instruction component
    March 1: Superintendent's presentation of the Capital component and Benefits
    March 15: Revenue discussion
    April 5: Budget review
    April 19: School board adopts budget
    May 3: School board meeting public hearing
    May 15: Budget vote/Board of Education elections

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