New York Institute of Technology


    Educational Technology Specialist Certification

    Master of Science in Instructional Technology

    Overview: The Master of Science in Instructional Technology for Educators is an accredited program which meets the State Education Department requirements for graduate study and permanent certification K-12. It provides students with an opportunity to advance career goals and enhance professional skills. The program focuses on the use of media and computers in education. Special consideration is given to practical methods for integrating computer-based instruction with the existing structure and culture of the schools.

    In addition to becoming better teachers, students have the opportunity to develop their own applied research project with faculty, on issues of technology and education from preschool to higher education. Areas include supplementing course lessons with software; enhancing problem solving skills with computers; designing computer based instruction; and the use of technology with special and at-risk populations.

    MSIT program revised and updated:  

    Dual certificate Masters Degree Program in Instructional Technology for Educators (33 credits)

    Three new courses have been designed for the program – Educational Applications of Social Media as an elective, Assessment and Evaluation Methods (to replace the Research and Field Project course), and Practicum Field Experience and Seminar.

    The program is now be 33-credits rather than 36.

    Permanent/Professional Certification in Provisional/Initial area of certification

    Permanent/Professional Certification in the area of Educational Technology Specialist, aligned with newly created SED certificate area, effective February 2004

    Technology applications for enhancing K-12 curriculum in all content areas and grade levels

    Offered locally with certified adjuncts and on-campus instructors

    Savings of over $1,400 per 3-credit course when taken through the Middletown Teacher Center


    Advanced Certificate Programs: 

    15-Credit Advance Certificate in Teaching 21st Century Skills
    18-Credit Advance Certificate in STEM for Educators