The Teacher Center: Who We Are and What We Do

  • The Statewide Teacher Center motto, “A source for teachers, a promise for students” is an excellent way to describe what the Middletown Teacher Center is all about. As a source, we provide quality professional development, resources and support to all of our staff. Our goal is to provide a variety of opportunities that will meet staff needs no matter what stage they are at in their careers. Through collaborative programs with higher education institutions, we are able to provide graduate and post-graduate opportunities as well. Our promise - all of our efforts will benefit the children of our community as we work to meet the instructional needs of the 21st Century learner.



    Founded in 1984, the Middletown Teacher Center is a professional development organization dedicated to the educational support of teachers, administrators, school-related personnel, parents and community.

    The programs and services offered through the Teacher Center are developed through a continuous process involving needs assessment and evaluation methods. These programs and services align with staff needs, the professional development goals of the Middletown School District, and local, state, and federal initiatives.

    Utilizing professional networks and collaborative partnerships, the Center provides programs, resources, and services that strengthen our educational community in order to provide a quality education for our children.



    The Teacher Center Policy Board is responsible for making decisions about policy, programming, staffing and budget. Policy Board members are appointed by their respective constituencies, with a teacher majority. The Policy Board and the Center’s staff recruit, retain, and support the personnel necessary to fulfill the Center’s mission.