Capital Improvement Propositions 1 & 2


    (High school additions & district-wide alterations)
    $38,800,000 (No tax levy impact)

    Additions and alterations to Middletown High School to include:

    • The construction of a third floor addition of approximately 28,000 square feet (11 classrooms and innovation lab)
    • The construction of a 10,000 square feet addition within an existing courtyard (includes renovation of six classrooms)
    • Health, safety, and age-related infrastructure upgrades and improvements
    • Re-paving of the parking lots and drives
    • Reconstruction of existing tennis courts (six courts)

    Twin Towers Middle School

    • Roofing replacements
    • Masonry restoration
    • Replacement of student lockers
    • Boiler and hot heater replacement

    Monhagen Middle School

    • Cooling tower and heat pump replacement (air conditioning/heat)
    • Front parking and bus drop off paving and sidewalk replacements
    • Fire alarm and emergency lighting upgrades
    • Public address system (PA) upgrades

    Maple Hill Elementary School

    • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades (ventilation and controls)
    • Replacement of classroom furniture
    • Truman Moon Elementary School
    • Roofing replacements
    • Demolition of “temporary” modular units (due to deterioration and age)
    • Fire alarm upgrades

    William A. Carter Elementary School

    • Roofing replacements
    • HVAC – unit ventilators
    • Fire alarm, PA and emergency light upgrades
    • Presidential Park Elementary School
    • Additional parking spaces


    (District-wide additions & alterations)
    $7,400,000 ($8.60 for average homeowner/year)

    Twin Towers Middle School

    • Site paving and walk replacement
    • Upgrades to the interior finishes of the auditorium stage, small gymnasium and cafeteria
    • Softball and baseball field upgrades to bleachers, fencing and walkways

    Monhagen Middle School

    • Pave side parking lot and drive
    • Replace corridor flooring
    • Interior finish upgrades in the corridors. Library, guidance and administrative offices
    • Athletic field equipment

    Maple Hill Elementary School

    • Widen and repave perimeter access road
    • Corridor flooring replacement
    • Cafeteria flooring replacement
    • Library and main office flooring replacement

    William A. Carter Elementary School

    • Roofing replacements
    • Interior finish upgrades in classrooms and main office
    • Athletic field drainage and fencing upgrades

    Middletown High School

    • Tennis courts –Additional two courts, fencing, seating and lights
    • Softball stadium – lights

    District-Wide health, safety, and age-related infrastructure upgrades and building improvements

    • Bathrooms for softball field
    • Utility upgrades for the food service building
    • Repair garage ventilation