What is Standards Based Learning?

  • Standards Based Learning focuses on developing a curriculum where the assets of each learner are amplified and the scholar is provided with support in reaching their fullest academic potential. Middletown’s academic programming follows the guidelines as set forth by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) within the Next Generation (Next Gen.) English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards. Learning standards are utilized as the cornerstone of determining the goals of a lesson or course based on what scholars are expected to know and be capable of at a specific stage of their education.

    The Board of Regents adopted the newly revised English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards on September 11, 2017. The new standards have been the result of over two years of collaborative work to ensure New York State has the best learning standards for each and every learner's unique academic needs. Over 130 educators and parents worked together to make recommendations and revise the standards, resulting in a new set of revised English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards.

    To learn more about the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards visit the NYSED website NYS Next Generation Learning Standards (navigates to NYSED website). For more information on specific concentrations, go to the NYSED website for English Language Arts Learning Standards or Mathematics Learning Standards.

    If you have questions about our District’s implementation of the NYSED’s Next Gen. academic standards, please email academics@ecsdm.org. Also you may visit the District's K-12 Scope and Sequence website.


Middletown Standards-Based Learning

  • Vend diagram of ECSDM's standards-based learningMiddletown's Standards-Based Learning program is composed of ten elements focused on the scholar's academic success. Visit the SBL Components webpage to learn more.

    ➣Data Analysis & Reporting
    ➣Supervision & Evaluation
    ➣Professional Development