Photos of the affected areas

  • Middletown school district residents will vote on a referendum for two Capital Improvement Propositions on Dec. 9. Below are photos from some of the affected areas.

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  • More information about the affected areas pictured


    The referendum includes a proposed third-floor classroom and innovation lab addition of approximately 28,000 feet above the building’s main entrance. Capital Improvement Proposition 1 includes reconstructing the tennis courts, which are in deteriorated condition with deep cracks in the surface. These were not part of the athlete facilities renovation completed in 2008. Also, the inner courtyard at Middletown High School would become a 10,000 square foot classroom or innovation lab addition under the proposal. 

    Maple Hill Elementary School has been mixed-and-matched with used furniture since the building opened in 1997. Replacement of classroom furniture would be part of Capital Improvement Proposition 1.

    Monhagen Middle School’s cooling tower and heat pump, which control the building’s air conditioning and heat, would be replaced in Capital Improvement Proposition 1. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades (ventilation and controls) also would be done at Maple Hill and William A. Carter Elementary Schools. In addition, paving and sidewalk replacements are needed at Monhagen’s front parking lot and bus drop-off area.

    Due to severe deterioration and age, the “temporary” modular units at Truman Moon Elementary School need to be demolished.

    There is a need for roofing replacements at Twin Towers Middle School (shown above), Truman Moon and Carter. Masonry repairs at Twin Towers are included in Capital Improvement Proposition 1. Outdated and needing repair, undersized lockers at Twin Towers need to be replaced as well. Replacement of the boiler and hot heater at Twin Towers is included in Capital Improvement Proposition 1.