• Welcome to Middletown High School. The main office phone number is (845) 326-1576.

Administrative staff

Name Position Phone number
Tracey Sorrentino Principal 326-1628
Norval Connell Instructional Leader - S.T.E.M. 326-1589
William Donohue Instructional Leader - Humanities 326-1534
Lauren Durr Instructional Leader - Student Support Services 326-1575
Karina Acevedo House I - Dean of Students 326-1540
Omar Perez House II - Dean of Students 326-1545
Dwayne Whitaker House III - Dean of Students 326-1550
Holly Marcolina House IV - Dean of Students 326-1555
Anthony Williams Student Support Services - Dean of Students 326-1579

Guidance Counselors

House Number Name Students Phone number
House I Last names A - Di
Schadrac St. Louis (A-B) 326-1539
Courtney Vandermark (C-Di) 326-1538
House II Last names Do-L
Eric Hipsman (Do-G) 326-1544
Kim Gurda (H-L) 326-1543
House III Last names M-Rex
Maria Ferrer (Dept. Chair) (M-Moo) 326-1549
Christine Reiner (Mor-Rex) 326-1548
House IV Last names Rey-Z
Patrick Woods (Rey-Sm) 326-1553
Lauren Cutler (Sn-Z) 326-1554

Clerical Staff

Name Position Phone number
Lora DePasquale School Office Manager 326-1570

College and Career Center

Name Phone number
Lisa Parker (Advisor) 326-1611
Courtney Sarvis (Financial aid) 326-1791
Jamie Ricci (Advisor) 326-1793

Athletic Office

Name Position Phone number
David Coates Athletic Director 326-1532
Tami Walter School Office Manager 326-1533

Other important phone numbers

Department Point of contact Phone number
Cafeteria Georgina Irizarry 326-1573
GED/TASC administrator Shirley Frank 326-1595
Theater Victor Araque 326-1599