Twin Towers Capital Project 12/14/21 Referendum

  • The Twin Towers Capital Project kicks off in May 2023.  This tremendous undertaking targets a variety of areas of the school both inside and out.  From overhauling the HVAC system, to redesigning instructional rooms, as well as addressing traffic issues for scholars' arrival and departure.  While the project is underway, project progress will be posted here. Below is the project timeline, photos, and presentations all the way from when the project and referendum were proposed in October 2021. 

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  • Bus loop, drop-off loop complete

    Posted by Kevin Witt on 10/6/2023 1:00:00 PM

    Here is the entrance off Wisner Ave. into the new bus loop for scholar drop off and pick up.

    Bus loop entrance at Twin Towers


    Here is the parent drop-off and pick-up loop on Grand Ave., in front of Twin Towers.

    Parent drop off loop at Twin Towers

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  • All 180 Wells are Drilled!!!

    Posted by Veronica Layag on 8/18/2023

    Geothermal news: All 180 wells are drilled and completed. Now connecting the well loops to the circuits is in progress, there are 3 circuits left to do.


    Intersecting insulated pipes hanging from basement ceiling


    In the meanwhile work on the bus and parent pick loops continue. Below the lawn is restored adjacent to the bus loop.


    Lawn and trees on the side


    Masonry work is in progress, but all the repointing is completed and the north and east facade have powerwashed. 

    A side of a building 5 windows and tree in the foreground



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  • Geothermal Wells 169 Done and Lighting is Underway

    Posted by Veronica Layag on 8/4/2023

    There are 169 wells out of 180 wells drilled. The process of connecting the well loops to the circuits to the heating/cooling plant has started so far 7 circuits are completely finished. 


    The most recent news is the light pole bases are on site and are being installed at the bus loop and other exterior areas of the school.

    Driveway with service trucks and light pole basins on the ground


    Light pole basin installed onsite construction worker standing next to it.


    The bus loops are taking shape, cement is poured for the bus loop sidewalk and curb. 

    Green cement truck on the driveway on a construction site

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  • Bus Loop, Geothermal Wells and Other July Progress Updates

    Posted by Kevin Witt on 7/28/2023

    Here is the view of the newly created bus drop-off and pick-up loop, from the perspective of Wisner Ave.

    Street view of the new bus loop under construction, heavy duty construction vehices working on the drive.


    Here is the view of the newly created family scholar drop-off and pick-up loop, from the perspective of Grand Ave.

    Birds eye view of the new scholar drop-off and pick-up loop. Heavy duty construction vehicles work on the pavement.


    Work on the Geothermal project continues. So far 159 wells out of 188 have been drilled. While they complete the well drilling, installation of piping is underway.

    Ground dug out with pipes being installed. Construction worker is the large hole with heavy construction machinery.


    New sidewalk is set along Grand Ave.

    Wet cement setting for a new sidewalk. Large back hoe in background, fencing around the sidewalk.


    Masonry restoration of the building's facade is also ongoing. 

    Scaffolding against an exterior brick wall on top of a roof.

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  • Wells, Masonry, and Asbestos Abatement

    Posted by Veronica Layag on 6/28/2023

    To date, there have been 54 wells drilled for the geothermal plant. Additionally, other phases of the project are underway. Around the facade of the building, scaffolding has been erected to make way for the grinding out and replacing old mortar on the facade of the building.  While asbestos abatement takes place at the ground level of the interior.


    Overhead view of the geothermal site, well drilling rigs are to the left and right of the site

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