Academic eligibilty

  • Scholars failing and not making an effort in one or more courses will be subject to disciplinary action. It is the teacher's responsibility to apprise the coach/advisor of a scholar's failing grade.There will be a check form issued to each participant by the coach/advisor. At the end of every one-week period, the scholar will be responsible for securing each teacher's signature on this form. The form will then be returned to the coach/advisor the same Friday. If the form indicates that the scholar is failing, he/she will be on a one-week warning. At the end of the week, the student will be required to have another form signed. At the end of this one-week period, a student's continued failure will result in the following: The student must participate in practices and/or meetings during the next two-week period, but not be allowed to participate in games, meets, or any away activity. The student is also required to attend a daily study hall and tutorial for athletes during the probationary period. If the grade is not raised to passing during this three-week period, the student will become ineligible for the remainder of the season.Students must earn 4.5 credits during the academic year to be eligible for interscholastic and extra-curricular activities for the subsequent year.

Athletic Eligibility

  •   In order for an athlete to be eligible for athletics, he/she must meet the eligibility requirements governing interscholastic athletics as set forth by the New York State High School Athletic Association with regard to age and level of competition. The athlete representing Middletown must also meet the requirements of Section IX and the OCIAA.
      Since it is a privilege for students to represent our district as part of the athletics program, students should realize that their conduct and sportsmanship, both in and out of school, draw constant attention from other students, faculty and the public. Therefore, students will bring credit and respect to the school and community.
      Dress Code: Since appearance is an important part of student pride and responsibility, student-athletes will be required to adhere to the dress code. Appropriate attire is important in school and when traveling to another school or district.

Athletic Behavior Code

  •   Participants are expected to attend school. Any student missing more than two periods in one day may not participate in any athletic contest on that day. If a student misses more than two periods on a day preceding a day(s) when school is closed, the student cannot participate in their next scheduled contest. Participating in school-related activities outside of school, or attending a funeral, are exceptions. Exceptions due to emergencies can only be granted by the Athletic Director.
      Participants are responsible for the uniforms and equipment assigned to him/her by the coach/advisor. The student will be required to pay for lost equipment and equipment damaged through misuse.
      Any participant caught stealing equipment, uniforms or destroying school property will be immediately dismissed from the team/club for the remainder of the season.
      Any participant caught possessing or using alcohol or drugs during a school activity will be immediately dismissed from the team/club for the remainder of the time that the team/club meets.
      The Behavior Code applies to all athletes during a supervised athletic activity. All items in the "Athletic Contract" are hereby included as part of the student handbook.
      Any participant serving in-school suspension for half a day or more may not participate in an athletic contest during that day of suspension. He/she may participate in practice.
      Any student serving an out-of-school suspension may not participate in any practice, athletic contest, or activity during the day(s) of suspension. If the period of suspension includes a weekend or holiday, the student may not participate in any activity, practice or game during the weekend or holiday period.

Athletic Regulations

  • Rules and regulations for athletes
      It is understood that students who join a team or club are making a commitment to themselves, other team members, the coach/advisor and their school.
    An athlete who quits a team during the season may not join another team without the approval of both coaches involved. If the coaches cannot arrive at a decision, then the Appeals Board will render one.
    Students may resign from a team or club to pursue another extra-curricular activity. They must provide the coach or advisor with reasons.

    Violation of the code
    An student-athlete may be suspended from participation depending upon the violation of the Eligibility Code.
    If a student is expelled from a sport/activity for a violation of the Eligibility Code, he/she may not join another sport/activity during that season.

    Bus travel
      Students are expected to travel to and from an activity/game on the school transportation provided. Exceptions may be made through written request from the parent/guardian given to the coach/advisor prior to the event.
    Students are expected to dress appropriately in uniform, or other appropriate dress, as directed by their coach/advisor when traveling.
    The bus driver and/or coach/advisor has complete authority over all pupils and power to enforce all rules and regulations on the bus.
    Any misconduct and/or disobedience will lead to disciplinary action by the coach/advisor and, if necessary, referred to the Appeals Board.