Enlarged City School District of Middletown
High expectations are meaningless without rich opportunities
Personalizing education... not standardizing it


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    Presidential Park: Kevin Benedetto, Sanford Bookey, Erica Christy, Kristen Mazzotta, Roberta Monkash

    William A. Carter: Shannon Craig, Roberta Monkash, Gina Gilbert, Helen Belles

    Maple Hill: Gina Gilbert, Helen Belles, Jennifer Wentworth, Antoinette DePasquale (K-12 Department chair)

    Monhagen: Ryan Carlozzi, Diana Marz, Erin Lindon, Antoinette Gravagna, Michael Kochem

    Twin Towers: Allegra Smith, Amanda Cappa, Amanda Mita, Rebecca White, Kathryn Lucas

    Middletown High School: Megan Gugliotta, Robert Gavin, Gregory Bennett, Alexandra Finnie, Devon Toland