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    Presidential Park
    Erica Christy (vocal music)
    Kristen Mazzotta (vocal music)
    Mary Porcaro (general music)
    Kevin Benedetto (strings)
    Sanford Bookey (band)

    William A. Carter
    Shannon Craig (vocal music)
    Mary Porcaro (strings)
    Helen Belles (band and general music)

    Maple Hill
    Jennifer Wentworth (vocal music)
    Antoinette DePasquale (vocal music, K-12 Department chair)
    Alexandra Finnie (band)
    Gina Gilbert (orchestra)

    Ryan Carlozzi (band)
    Diana Marz (strings)
    Erin Lindon (general music)
    Antoinette Gravagna (vocal music)
    ichael Kochem (general music)

    Twin Towers
    Allegra Smith (band)
    Amanda Cappa (general music 6, band and string lessons)
    Amanda Mita (strings)
    Kathryn Lucas (vocal music)
    Mark White (general music 6-7)

    Middletown High School
    Megan Gugliotta (strings)
    Gregory Bennett (vocal music)
    Scott Test (vocal music)
    Guy Johansen (band)
    Robert Yapchanyk (guitar, piano, sound recording)