• Music Educators

    Maple Hill Elementary
    Alexandra Finnie - Band
    Gina Gilbert - Strings
    Amanda Gribbin - Vocal and General Music
    Jennifer Wentworth - Vocal and General Music

    Presidential Park Elementary
    Paeivi Antturi  - General Music
    Kevin Benedetto - Strings
    Sanford Bookey - Band
    Erica Christy - Vocal and General Music
    Kristen Mazzotta - General Music 

    Maple Hill Annex at Truman Moon
    Mika Leonard - General Music

    William A Carter Elementary 
    Paeivi Antturi - Strings
    Helen Belles - Band and General Music
    Heather Perreria - Vocal and General Music

    Monhagen Middle School
    Emily Levesque - General Music
    Ryan Carlozzi - Band
    Francesca Carlucci - Strings
    Antoinette Iemma - Vocal 
    Kenneth Vargas - General Music

    Twin Towers Middle School
    Amanda Helleckson - Band and General Music
    Kathryn Lucas - Vocal
    Amanda Mita - Strings
    Diana Marz - Strings and General Music
    Mark White - General Music
    Alice Pryor - Band and General Music
    Shannon Craig - Vocal and General Music

    Middletown High School
    Gregory Bennett - Vocal
    Jeffery Bouck - Guitar and Piano
    Megan Gugliotta - Strings
    Guy Johanson - Band and Theory
    Casie Snow-Hebeld - Vocal
    Zachary Vanacoro - Sound Recording, Music in our Lives, and Guitar



Music in Middletown