• dr eastwood

    Dr. Kenneth Eastwood is currently superintendent for the Enlarged City School District of Middletown, New York. As a high minority (84%) and high poverty (76% FRL) school district, Middletown was identified as a “true turnaround” high needs district through the improvement of its graduation rate from 54% to 87% over the last ten years. As a nationally recognized personalized school district, Middletown is 100% blended K-6 with Flipped & OER implementation in process for grades 7-12.  Middletown is also proud of its “free” college tuition program where 36% of this year’s graduating class (up from 6%, five years ago) will have taken college courses during their high school experience.

    Dr. Eastwood guided the development of one of the country’s “best” educational technology programs while superintendent for the Oswego City School District, Oswego, New York (as recognized by AASA – American Association of School Administrators 2000, District Administration Magazine 2003, the U. S. Department of Education - 1999 and Microsoft Corporation 1999).

    Dr. Eastwood has been recognized as one of the country’s “Top Ten Tech Savvy Superintendents” in 2003 and as one of the “Impact 30 individuals in educational technology for 2000.  Ken was also the recipient of the “Computerworld-Smithsonian Laureate Award” in 1999 and Digital Electronic Corporation’s “Masters of Innovation Award” in 1998 and has received state and national recognition from corporations such as Microsoft, Digital Electronics, and Cabletron.