Student-Parent Chromebook Training

  • To receive a Chromebook, both the student and a parent/guardian must attend training in using the Chromebook as well as the policies and procedures.

    Sessions will be held at Presidential Park Elementary. Attendance is mandatory to recieve a Chromebook, and students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

    To register for a Chromebook session, a parent/guardian must call (845) 326-1926.

Chromebook Optional Insurance

  • Parents may want to consider third party insurance for their Chromebook. Depending on the policy chosen, insurance may cover damage, theft, or loss. Families may also want to look into options with their homeowners insurance company.

    Insurance is optional and the district receives no payments or incentives from the providers listed as a reference below.

  • Filing a Claim

    Purchased third party insurance and need to file a claim?

    1. First, please notify your school's Chromebook team of the damage.
    2. Next, contact your insurance provider directly to file a claim. 
    3. The claim will then be processed and fulfilled by your insurance provider, not by the district.

    If you receive a replacement for your device, please bring the Chromebook to your school's Chromebook team so that you may access the district wireless network.