• Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

    Additional instruction for students in need

    Intervention services are available for students in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics in kindergarten through twelfth grade. At the high school level, AIS Services in science and social studies are also provided. Teachers and administrators closely monitor and frequently evaluate student progress through various formal and informal assessment measures.

    Additional instruction focuses on:

    • a student’s individual academic needs
    • increasing student-teacher time
    • using a variety of teaching strategies
    • adapting the curriculum to the student’s learning style

    Parents are:

    • automatically notified when it becomes clear that a student needs help to meet or continue his or her progress toward meeting the state learning standards.
    • advised what types of services are available.
    • advised when services are available and are afforded ongoing opportunities to confer with teachers.
    • automatically notified of their student’s ongoing written formal progress reports and their student’s end-of-year status.

    Parents with questions about academic intervention services should contact their child’s teacher.


    Middletown schools provide Academic Intervention Services, within the Response to Intervention (RtI) model. Students are selected for AIS based on a number of district adopted identification criteria.

    When a student demonstrates success on the state assessment and/or on district assessments, they can be discontinued from AIS services. The goal of AIS is to provide the targeted instruction necessary for students to meet grade-level proficiency.

    Intensity of Service

    Students qualifying for AIS will exhibit varying levels of performance which requires a corresponding match in service allocation. Each student will receive services based on their individual performance on the District’s informal and formal assessments. AIS services can vary in intensity: low, moderate, high.

    Parent Notification

    Communication with parents of students receiving AIS is considered essential in order to meet program goals/objectives. In addition to ongoing communication from your AIS provider, the following written procedures are conducted at various times throughout the year: Parent Notification Letter, Discontinuance Letter, and Progress Reports/Report Cards.

    Read the Academic Intervention Services handbook