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NJHS induction

Monhagen News ON Apr 03, 2012

Monhagen Middle School held its induction ceremony for the National Junior Honor Society, bringing in 20 new members. School board President Edwin Estrada was keynote speaker. Click here for a copy of the evening program, which includes the names of all the inductees.

There were 59 students who inquired about the induction process, all of whom have a classroom average of 3.7 or higher. After they applied, it was brought to a five-member committee. Ultimately, 49 eighth-grade students applied.

Those students were then evaluated based on their school activities and the leadership role they hold in them. It could be sports, plays, music, etc. Then their community activities were considered, as well as their community service. The students' character also was considered, advisor Kristen King said, for all three years at Monhagen.

"Most important, then, is really the application itself," King said. "Their essay, and how they present themselves to us as a whole. Their essay is a statement as to why they think they should be considered and what they will do once they become a member to follow the five pillars. ... This year was extremely competitive, because we've never had that many applicants."

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