FEBRUARY 27, 2004


A special meeting of the Board of Education of the Enlarged City School District of Middletown, New York was held Friday, February 27, 2004, at the Board of Education Office, 223 Wisner Avenue, Board President Robin Markovits, presiding. 

Present: Dr. Best, Mr. Crescenzo, Mr. Estrada, Mrs. Knapp, 

Mr. McCormack, Mr. Perrino, Mrs. Botti, Mrs. Markovits – 8. 

Absent: Mrs. Elliott – 1.

Mrs. Markovits called the meeting to order at 8:15 p.m. Mrs. Knapp made a motion, seconded by Mr. Estrada, to have an executive session to conduct an interview for the position of superintendent of schools. Motion was unanimously approved.

Public session resumed at 9:50 p.m. There being no further business, Mr. Estrada made a motion, seconded by Mr. Crescenzo, to adjourn the meeting. Motion was unanimously approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Alicia E. Olsen

School District Clerk